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To request service, please enter the pick up and delivery zip codes, a driver will be sent to the address you registered with us to pickup; if the pickup is not at the address you registered with us, write PICK UP and include that information in the comments section of the form. Please write the delivery address on the package you are sending so the driver can send us that information when they pickup. We will email or text you that the driver is on their way to pick up, then we will email or text you the name of the person who received your package.

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Request service form

To request service, just enter the pickup and delivery zip codes, the driver will send us the physical delivery address when they pick up from you.

A driver will be sent to the pickup address you registered with us. Registration is required before any service can be provided.


Every delivery is priced at a low per mile rate based on the type of vehicle that is required times the number of miles between the pickup and delivery locations with an 10 mile minimum.

Prices good for service Monday - Sunday 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Small Vehicle

A $1.30 per mile with a 10 mile minimum. 

Large Vehicle

A $1.80 per mile with a 10 mile minimum.

  • Monday - Sunday 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. or Holidays - add $20.00 to the per mile rate.
  • 10 Pounds Included - then add $0.10 Per Lb.
  • Trailer - Add $25.00 to the Large Vehicle Price
  • Additional Helper - $25.00 Per Hour (1-Hour Minimum Charge)
  • Waiting or Excess Time - $0.50 Per Minute
  • Additional Phone Calls - $3.00 Each
  • Additional POD - $3.00 Each
  • Dry Run - Posted Fees for the Requested Service
  • Redelivery or Pickup within the Same Building - $4.00
  • Texas Medical Center Parking - $4.00
  • Downtown Parking - $2.00

Payments are due upon receipt of invoice, after 7 days a $3.00 late fee will be added.

Maximum value per order is $50.00 unless any additional value is declared and charged for when placing the service request, .01 per dollar of excess declared value.

Damage, late or non-delivery claims must be received via email the same day service is provided.

All prices are subject to change.

Our on-time guarantee pertains to any failure on our part to deliver as requested; we are not responsible for any delays or non-delivery due to weather, traffic, or any other unforeseen delay. Safety is always our number one priority. We retain the right to refuse service at any time.

Every delivery is completed asap

We make it very easy to determine your delivery cost, just enter the pick-up and delivery locations in Google Maps then times the per mile rate for the type of vehicle you need by the middle amount of miles between the two locations as determined by Google Maps. 

Registration is required before service can be provided.

Google Maps

register now

Please fill out the registration form; your phone number will be your Member ID. That Member ID will be linked to the address you enter in this form and that address will be used as the pickup location when you request service. If you select Credit Card as your form of payment, we will call you to get the credit card information.